We have added  an Official Bulletins to the Supplemental Regulations on the website here.  Please take a minute to review the Bulletins in regards to Registration and Tech locations. 

We have also added a document "RALLY 101" for all of our staff and volunteers here.  This document explains Rally for some of you who may not be familiar and gives some background on how the Rally will be run, what will be expected from your positions as volunteers, etc.

ALSO! There will be airplane rides available on Friday over the Zaleski Forest stages. The airplane rides will take off from the Vinton County Airport and cost $30 per person! Get a look at the Rally from a vantage point like no other!


On Saturday May 20th we will be hosting a Super Special Event at the Ross County Fairgrounds Grandstands which will feature a Head-to-Head Rally competition! Come on out to the Fairgrounds and see what these Rally cars can do on a closed course! This will be one of the most exciting events on the Rally America schedule! 

After the Super Special on Saturday we are happy to have Jamie Baxter and friends all the way  from Lower Broadway in Nashville Tennessee to provide some music and entertainment at our Rally After Party! Jamie is originally from Ohio and has been honky-tonkin' in Nashville for years. Jamie and his band are not only good musicians..they are a good time and they will make sure you have a good time as well!  

We are very excited to be bringing Rally back to our area and we are thrilled with the amount of support that you all have shown. Whether you're a competitor, volunteer or a fan we appreciate all of you and we look forward to seeing you at the Southern Ohio Forest Rally May 19th and 20th 2017!