2018 Planning has started #SOFRSOGOOD #SOFR2018

The Southern Ohio Forest Rally cannot be successful on its own! We need your minds, your bodies, your hard work and sweat. Sign up below if you are interested in joining the team.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please click the link to Rally Master Pro and provide your information so we can properly place you during the event.

Notice: If you plan to bring anyone under the age of 18, you must have a minor waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. These minor waivers will be available at registration. This notice only applied to volunteers not spectators.

For stage workers you should bring the following:

  • Food, snacks, & something to drink (non-alcoholic)
  • Waterproof clothing and boots. A jacket or sweatshirt.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Extra power for your mobile devices, you'll have a little down time
  • Markers and ballpoint pens – Start and Finish crew will be furnished, but it is good to have extras.
  • Clip board with light if you have them
  • Radio scanner, so you can get the net
  • Cameras
  • Gas. Fill your vehicle before leaving McArthur or Chillicothe
  • Toilet paper and Kleenex

If you have general volunteer questions send us an email,